Thesisworkshopper: a writing improvement tool for essay thesis statements

What is Thesisworkshopper?

Thesisworkshopper is a web-based writing-improvement tool designed specifically to help high school and college students improve their essay thesis statements. Thesisworkshopper does not aim to replace instructor feedback on thesis statements; it is merely designed to pick off some of the low-hanging fruit in students' first draft of their thesis statements so that instructors can focus on substantive content issues when they analyze student thesis statements. That is to say, Thesisworkshopper provides the best feedback to students early in the drafting process -- just before a potential in-class thesis workshop and before students write their complete first drafts.

How to use Thesisworkshopper
  1. Type or paste your first draft of your thesis statement in the box above (please note that Thesisworkshopper is only designed to provide feedback on one or two sentence thesis statements)
  2. Press submit button
  3. Revise thesis according to feedback from Thesisworkshopper algorithm
  4. Continue to update and test thesis until you are satisfied
  5. Submit your final revised thesis to your instructor